Following are the projects I did in my second year through fourth year at UC Davis.

  • Rectools

    Rectools is an advanced package for Recommender Systems. Code will be made available shortly. It has may nice features:
    • Incorporate user and item covariate information, including item category preferences.
    • Parallel computation.
    • Novel variations on statistical latent factor model.
    • Plotting.
    • Focus group finder.
    • NMF, ANOVA, cosine models all in one package.

  • Online Measurement of Student Insight

    OMSI, short for On-line Measurement of Student Insight, is a Python project for conducting and grading examinations in a manner that is both secure and conducive to high-quality measurement of student insight. It is suitable for small or large class exams, be they based on essays, writing code, maths analysis or multiple choice question. Students come to the classroom at the regular class time, just as with a traditional pencil-and-paper exam. However, they use their laptops to take the exam, using OMSI. The latter downloads the exam questions, and enables the students to upload their answers.

    OMSI has two components:
    Exam administration. This manages the actual process of the students taking the exam.
    Exam grading. OMSI does NOT take the place of instructor judgement in assigning points to individual exam problems, and total grade for the exam. But it does make things much easier, by automating much of the drudgery. For instance, OMSI automatically records grades assigned by the instructor, and automatically notifies students of their grades via e-mail.
    In addition to making the job of grading much easier, OMSI has a number of advantages for students over the traditional pencil-and-paper format: With essay questions, students have a chance to edit their answers, producing more coherent, readable prose. With coding questions, students can compile and run their code, giving them a chance to make corrections if their code doesn't work. In both of these aspects, OMSI gives the student a better chance to demonstrate his/her insight into the course material, compared to the traditional exam format.

  • Green Fly

    A flight search web application that calculates carbon costs to find your greener flight. See in action here.

  • Conscious Cook

    This application reads recipes from the Food2Fork API, and annotates them based on a local database, with information on virtual water, carbon footprint, and calories (obviously many other nutrients or other quantities could be added). It is available here.